Facilitating Innovation


One of our clients had a number of different innovation events in which participants would create projects and judges would go around an evaluate projects. Up until now they were using paper to record their judging and it was common for judges to have troubles finding the projects they were to judge, scores would be tallied manually and sometimes scorecards would get lost. This resulted in an overall bad experience for the judges as well as the participants.


We reviewed the overall process and the metrics that would be scored on any given project. We had to account for different locations would have different criteria that would be weighted differently. Judges would only be able to see the scoring criteria and results since the initial evaluation was only to determine a top 10 that would be further evaluated by all judges at once. There were some additional considerations that needed to be captured in order to provide a solution such as the types of devices that the judges would be able to use in the facilities.

Solution Engineering

We developed a solution that could be hosted on their internal cloud. The application would limit access to various different types of participants based on an RBAC model. The application could be accessed using all of the judges’ mobile devices using a mobile first solution using responsive design principles. The application was utilized and accepted by judges that unanimously agreed that this process was significantly better and easier than the previously designed process.


  • Cloud hosted application that facilitated the innovation events.
  • RBAC model utilized to ensure proper security of the application during the events.
  • Data captured and utilized efficiently so that it could be further extended to analyze.
  • Application details transferred to on-site resources to maintain the application.